Causeway front 2022 one

Last week here at Sinful Sunday I mentioned that I had turned around, once some other strollers across the causeway had passed us by.

Causeway front 2022 two

Because it would have been such a shame not to take advantage of the cooling sea-breeze around me …

Causeway front 2022 three

Whilst at the same time, enjoying that lovely warm sun from above …

Causeway front 2022 four

… and the reflective heat from the paving stones below.

Causeway front 2022 five

I did, of course, re-adjust my dress each time more visitors came along …

Causeway front 2022 six

… or stopped to chat about the “lovely panoramic views all around”!!!

And I will definitely be adding this view to my Exposé Vŭ Gallery later on today, after exploring more exhibitionist fun at this week’s Sinful Sunday from the lips below.

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Xxx – K

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Cause to Turn 2022 #sinfulsunday

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