Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that we are all ok here.  We all work remotely from home and have been self quarantined for several weeks.  I personally am getting groceries and other supplies delivered straight to my home.

These are very tough times and this world wide issue is unprecedented in our lifetime.  I want you to know from our side, that business is as usual, and this will not effect your membership in anyway.  If anything, it gives us more time to create new and exciting content, and work on how we can best serve our members.   So don’t worry about us, we have ourselves AND you covered!

I want you all to take care of yourself.  Self isolate, and help stop the spread of Covid-19.   In Canada, we are still seeing growth day over day.  Our schools are shut down.  Our malls are shut down.  Playgrounds and skate parks are empty.  Nothing is more important than slowing the spread of Covid 19.  It’s not what it will do to us individually.  It is what it is doing to our health care systems.  If we crash our hospitals with people that need the treatment, we are indeed contributing to killing people that don’t have Covid 19 that need medical treatment but can’t receive it because the hospitals are overwhelmed.  This is the true price of Covid 19.  Its not the death count.  It’s not what it might or might not do to you.  It’s about what it is doing to regular people that might not even get the sniffles from it.  For the most part, Covid 19 is not going to harm you in a direct way.  It will harm you if you have a heart attack and need your hospital to take care of you, or save your life.  Or if you need the hospital in anyway.

So please, I urge you to stay home.  Get things delivered to your home.  Do not go out anywhere unless there is simply no option.

Above all, stay healthy, positive, and take care of your loved ones.

Wishing you all health, and positive outcomes, sincerely.  We will get through this!


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