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For all of you who have asked for another Audio Reading from my London Hotwife Diaries this is an extract from “Mirror Room Fun with Lover No.7” from Modesty Unmasked … which I recorded on my Balcony during my Summer Holidays last year.

Once again there is rather a lot of background noise from the local cicadas which I hope you won’t find too much of a distraction!!!


We’d met, and chatted with No.7, on a number of occasions at the club previously. But although I’d found him quite cheeky and forward, we’d never progressed beyond teasing and flirting.

But all that changed on our visit this past Saturday. At Hubby’s suggestion I’d worn my almost sheer black lace camisole that immediately drew lots of flattering comments from the moment we had arrived. We spent the first hour or so chatting at the bar with a number of the regulars whom we’ve become friendly with … just socially … over the past few months.

Finally Hubby and I decided to take our first “wander round” of the evening.

As we stopped to take-in some of the action in the main viewing room, we were joined by the club hostess L who’d followed us from the bar. She began stroking my back as we all watched the scene of quite an orgy on the large play-bed in the corner. “It’s making me quite horny” she whispered in my ear. I giggled and replied that it was having the same effect on me. “Yes I can tell” she said as she brushed her hands over my nipples which, as I looked down at her hand, I could see were quite clearly standing erect through my black lace.

I gasped in surprise at first, then in a sudden surging pleasure, as she pulled the top of my cami down and leant forward to suck on first one, then the other, exposed nipple. Almost immediately I felt another pair of hands gently squeezing the cheeks of my bottom, caressing and stroking through the flimsy lace. But the two hands clearly belonged to two different people, and when I glanced over my shoulder to my left and then my right, I could see that whilst one hand belonged to Hubby, the other belonged to No.7 who was so obviously enjoying watching L still sucking at my nipples.

We were then suddenly joined by another gentleman, whom I hadn’t noticed before, standing just behind L. He was completely naked and quite boldly lifted the hem of my cami and gently slid his fingers between my legs. I could sense Hubby tense beside me . . . and normally I would have been quite annoyed at such bold, and uninvited attention. But amazingly I was finding the whole scenario so overwhelmingly arousing that I just nodded to Hubby that I was absolutely fine . . . and in fact . . . didn’t want it to stop.

L pulled away for a moment, sliding the palms of her hands up over my breasts again whilst, in the same motion, bending down between us to expertly suck her mouth over the fully erect cock of my new “friend” who was now, equally expertly, fingering my soaking pussy.

I gasped again as another naked stranger had suddenly appeared to the side of L and began position himself between the cheeks of L’s raised bottom. She was obviously quite happy to accept as she let go of my breasts and twisted herself back and forth onto him whilst still all the while sucking quite greedily on the cock of my naked fingerer.

So greedily in fact that he, rather disappointingly, pulled his fingers away from me to steady himself with both hands on L’s shoulders. I turned to wildly embrace Hubby, gasping out “I need to be fucked!”


If you’d like to find out just how our “evening at home” continued, you can download Ebook or PDF copies from my Amazon, Gumroad, or Etsy pages from the Links at my Ebooks page >here<.

And do let me know if you would like me to continue adding more Audio Readings for the future!

Xxx – K

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“Mirror Room Fun with Lover No.7” – Reading from my Audio Soundcloud

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