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Pegging Paradise Podcast #296

My interview with Zach Budd, and his reflections on consent, anal receptive play, and where the two meet, are an interesting listen. The journey he took that led him to take a deep dive into exactly what consent means in our world is fascinating. We discuss why guerilla ass play and stealth sodomy are never okay, and how an enthusiastic yes is the only true consent. Last but far from least, Zach shares the tip of the iceberg on the subject of anal receptive play for men in the back community, a subject many of you have wondered about. Enjoy!

  • Movember Month End Push for the Bodacious Tatas!
  • Wrap Up of Soft Cock Appreciation Week with Michelle Rene
  • Interview with Zach Budd
  • Happy Holidays!



For those of you who have yet to make it to an Equipment Webinar and now find yourselves in the position of gift giving and being uncertain about which gifts – I scheduled one more Equipment Webinar for you on December 3rd, Saturday, at 10AM. That will leave you time to order and receive whatever you would like to stuff that present, stocking or derrière with – your choice! My preference is the derrière, but you do you! And if you want to see the Bodacious Ruby Tatas, please make a donation to Movember!

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Podcast #296 Interview with Zach Budd

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