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Podcast #297 brings all kinds of good things, like putting on a show for your partner, thinking hard about the connection of bisexuality and pegging, and a deep dive (pun intended) into lube options. PLUS, I finally found a lube option for you wide toy aficionados that measures up to my lube snob standards – yay! If you are going to put something in your body, make sure it’s safe. That axiom applies to toys as well as lube! For those of you interested in different techniques to help open up to pegging pleasure, I’m hooking you up with Dr Carlton’s butt clock technique, too. So effective! Enjoy podcast #297.

For Your Listening Pleasure!

  • She waxes poetic about pegging, and wonders about positions and toys
  • She wonders about the assertion that all men who enjoy pegging are on some level interested in the real thing
  • Receiver/Giver Reddit shares of their first time pegging
  • He discovers solo shower play and puts on a show for his wife!
  • Discovering pegging at a later age has it challenges, and he’s looking for ways to make it easier and more enjoyable for her
  • Lube info/opinions, from a man with decades of anal play experience!
  • He’s having a hard time relaxing with solo play



Here in CA we recently did the whole stupid (IMO) time change thing again. I wondered what the hell happened because I thought we were getting rid of it. Turns out despite voters approving the measure, state lawmakers have not passed any legislation to get rid of it. Will of the people, my ass. Politicians do whatever they like, and prioritizes the needs of the rich and powerful, especially corporations. Wow, I’m in a mood this morning!

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Surprise! Podcast #297 Appears!

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