Podcast #301 is a celebration of pegging

Pegging Paradise Podcast #301

  • Prince of Pegging
  • Dogs and Cars and Escapes
  • Email lists and marketing
  • Pretty Dildos!
  • Pegging Celebration Time!
  • He finally asks for it and gets it plus more!
  • Vagus Nerve considerations post heart attack
  • He discovers real femdom exists and I talk about consent
  • He is so giving to her that she revisits his love of anal play and he’s hopeful
  • Podcast #112 is a lighthouse for him is so many wonderful ways
  • He seeks a solution to a complicated toy issue



I hope you enjoy podcast #301! I included a link to an instagram video from Joe Kort that relates to my new article posted on 7/2, “Men Like to Feel Beautiful and Wanted, Too“. There’s a lot to this line of thinking. I think the reasons that women are not as good at expressing their desire for men are complicated, but that doesn’t mean that the desire to receive compliments and feel wanted is not there. Please take some time and consider this.

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Happy Pegging and No Shame!

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Turning the Spotlight on Podcast #301

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