So we had one of our devotion nights the other day. I had my husband get naked and put on a studded collar and cuffs. I’ve not yet gotten him the devotion outfit that I described in my earlier post. For now I am satisfied with the basic slave look. His truth that he had to repeat while changing and several times during the evening was, “I am your slave husband now and forever.”

I was delighted and amused to see that he had an erection simply from changing into his slave attire and repeating his truth. He spent a few minutes kissing my feet then I had him clean out and organize the closet in our extra bedroom that has collected a lot of clutter over the years. He did a fantastic job with this.

Next I had him get on all fours in front of the couch and I used him as a footstool while I read a book. I had him alternate between being on all fours and laying on his back so that I could rest my feet on his face or chest. His cock remained erect the entire time! Once done reading I teased his cock while he was still on all fours. I find this to be a great position for teasing because I can access his boy bits from both underneath and behind, which turns him to putty in my hands. I brought him to the edge of orgasm several times and had him begging for orgasm. This got me aroused too so I ordered onto his back on the floor. Then I sat on top of his face and queened him, with my legs pinning down his arms. I love this position because he is helpless beneath me and I can control the pace and can control exactly where he licks me. I also get a bit of a power rush by suffocating him with my sex. I have become very comfortable with riding his face hard when I queen him. It feels amazing for me and it drives him wild too! 

After my orgasm, he thanks me profusely for queening him because it is one of his favorite ways to worship me. I love that! Next, I order him to draw me a bath. He bathes me, dries me off, and then it is into the bedroom for a massage. Before massaging each foot, he kisses it and recites his truth. This is repeated for my legs, arms, calves, back, and ass. After he is done massaging me, he is trained to kneel by the bed until I release him. I lay for several minutes, enjoying the relaxation and peacefulness. Then I order him to fetch my pajamas. His cock is still hard and even a bit drippy. I hold his cock while he dresses me in my pajamas. He recites his truth three more times for me and then I tell him he can change out of his slave outfit and finish with his end of night chores. I happily drift off to sleep. It was a wonderful night of devotion.

I am happy to say that my husband’s devotion mindset remains strong. He continues to keep the house clean without much direction from me and regularly checks in with me to see if there are other things he can do for me. I am lucky to have a wonderful devoted submissive husband and the devotion nights become his reward for his unfailing devotion to me. If you are not submissive or a new dominant to the lifestyle, this may be hard to understand. On the surface, what I described above appears to be all about me; but if you are submissive, you know that my devotion night is designed to bring my husband intense mind blowing submissive pleasures that he craves. It is reward for him.

-Mz Kaylee

Devotion Update

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