Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to pause from the day-to-day activities, take a step back and appreciate the good things in life.  For the dominant wife, it is an opportune time to show off your well-trained husband in front of your family and friends. This does not have to be done in an aggressive or overt way, although some of you may enjoy the public display of control. Actions speak louder than words. The well-trained husband will serve his wife and guests, with particular attention to the women, without being told. He will clean this house in preparation for guests, set the table, clean the table, and do the dishes. He will give special attention to the female guests, ensuring they have drinks, clearing away their trash, and complimenting them. When talking, he will show interest in them and not talk about himself. Guys, are you taking notes? Ask your wife today how you can help her for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day be sure to be on your best behavior and an excellent servant, without being told. Be 100% focused on serving others and making their day better. Even if Thanksgiving is not at your house, you should jump in and help the host and keep your day focused on serving others and appreciating them. In doing all this, without being told, your service and dedication will be noticed and you will make your wife proud.   

It also a time to be thankful for your wife and honor her. Be sure to thank her for everything she does for you, your children, and others. I challenge you to be genuine and sincere in your thanks and appreciation of her and not make it about your submission. I also challenge you to compliment her and show your appreciation of her in front of others.

In closing, I will share an inspirational lesson called “The Black Spot.” Special thanks to WL Husband, who shared this in his comments in the “Topic Ideas” post.


-Mz Kaylee

Happy Thanksgiving

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