So Jackson moves here in a week. We’ve added a 3rd Dom to our family. So it’ll be myself, my husband, and the man we’ve entered into a triad with. Oh and 2 leather clad 24/7 slaves/Gimps.

We’ve been planning the remodel of the guest cottage for Jackson. It’s just a simple 1 bedroom cottage with separate bath and small kitchen. About 500 sq ft total. We’re going to open everything up, except the bath and make it one big play space.

This is the bed design we’ve settled on. It’ll be perfect for sleep and play. The bed has been ordered and should be ready by May. It’ll come pretty much as pictured. Minus the slave under the bed.

I didn’t think this would ever happen. But it is. I’m building the leather family I always wanted. One leather clad man at a time.

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