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For all of you who have asked for another Audio Reading from my London Hotwife Diaries this is an extract from “Lover No.6 Sleeps Over” from Modesty Unmasked … which I recorded on my Balcony during my Summer Holidays this year.

I hope the rather loud background noise from the local cicadas won’t be too much of a distraction … one becomes so accustomed to their constant chirping that it’s not until we’d come to upload this reading, that we were reminded of how loud they actually are!!!

So … just in-case they are too annoying for you to concentrate on my words … I thought I would include them here below:


My first five lovers were all of a similar age to myself. I’d met them either through work (office colleagues or working for a client) or, in one case, on the morning school walk! They were all from similar backgrounds and circumstances . . . apart from our “open relationship” circumstances of course.

It wasn’t until our first few Swingers Club visits that the opportunity of “playing” with someone much younger than myself arose. To suddenly be approached by younger, much younger, men was at first, hugely flattering … and THEN, hugely arousing! And Hubby seemed to love it as well.

But although I found myself so excited by the attention, I was at first, far too nervous to indulge any of the obvious interest I was receiving. We’d chat to them politely and I’d turn to Hubby and whisper “I can’t, I wouldn’t know what to say, or do”. He’d laugh and tell me to “just be yourself and let it happen as it normally does”. And afterwards, when we returned home, our lovemaking would explode in a huge burst of passion as pictures of my young, would-be suitors, flashed through my mind.

It was several months, and several more visits to The Club, before “it” eventually happened. Perhaps the chemistry was just right that particular evening, perhaps I’d had just the right amount of wine, or perhaps it was his cheekiness or assuredness. But having spent 30 minutes at the bar chatting to a simply gorgeous looking young man, my giggling nervousness slowly gave way to a surging rush of excitement as he . . . eventually . . . took my hand and led me off to the “mirror-room”. (Hubby and I call it the mirror room because although it has a private lockable door, the large mirror above the end of the bed is actually a one-way window which can be looked into from one of the main play rooms).

I was wet, and tingling, even before I lay back on the bed … and the next 30 or 40 minutes was an amazing experience of just letting myself go in waves of emotion and lust. I was fucking someone almost young enough to be my son … and he was loving me, loving my body, telling me how beautiful I was. And I was loving it, loving every thrust, every squeeze, every push, every moment … and every climax!

That night was undeniably a life-changing moment for me. Not only having wildly passionate sex with a virtual stranger, but knowing that a young, good-looking, well-mannered and confident young man could find me sexy and exciting, was so arousing and flattering that I wanted more!

And over the next few months I was lucky enough to meet several more “gorgeous young men”. And one of them has become a very special new friend indeed. Genuine, charming, intelligent and easy-going. Someone whom you can enjoy having endless conversations with … as well as wanting them to shag you silly! … and he gets on very well with Hubby. So well in fact that we agreed we’d like to spend more time with each other outside of the club-environment.

We started meeting him at a local hotel … and then when we had the opportunity of the house to ourselves for the first time since Christmas, both Hubby and I looked at each other and simultaneously said “shall we invite No.6 ??” (Actually No.6 is not the 6th of my lovers, just the 6th I’d met at the Club).

He’d stayed overnight with us on previous occasions at the Hotel and I was so excited at now having the chance of waking up in my own, more comfy bed, between two naked men …


If you’d like to find out just how our “sleep-over” continued you can download Ebook or PDF copies from my Amazon, Gumroad, or Etsy pages from the Links at my Ebooks page >here<.

And do let me know if you would like me to continue adding more Audio Readings for the future!

Xxx – K

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“Lover No.6 Sleeps Over” – Reading from my Audio Soundcloud pages

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