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I first discovered this unusual Lighthouse back in 2016 … for one of my Scavenger Hunt locations.

Modest lighthouse 2022 - 2

And although it is always extremely busy with other visitors, it has become one of my favourite places on the island.

Modest Lighthouse 2022 - 3

But, perhaps because it wasn’t quite as windy as it was last year

Modest Lighthouse 2022 - 4

we had to keep dodging back and forth between the pillars so as not to upset anyone.

Modest Lighthouse 2022 - 5

… as well as having to keep a look out for the occasional yachts sailing past on their way into the harbour.

Modest Lighthouse 2022 - 6

But I always try to make enough time to pause and read the new inscriptions from some of those who have enjoyed the view since my last visit.

Modest lighthouse 2022 - 7

And of course, to take-in that cooling sea breeze …

Modest Lighthouse 2022 - 8

… blowing in from the beautiful blue waters behind us!!!

You can view lots more of my favourite places to revisit at my Exposé Vŭ memories pages … and to also suggest similar locations you think I might enjoy in the future.

And I’m sure there will be lots more enjoyment to be had at this week’s Sinful Sunday by blowing on the lips below.

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Modest Lighthouse 2022 #sinfulsunday

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