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I do enjoy a good book, though of course I just don’t get as much time to lie back and indulge . . . in reading silly !!! . . . as I would like to.

Ahh but when I’m away on vacation, well that is a different story. Then I can spend hours and hours on the beach, or around the pool, losing myself completely in the wonderful words . . . and wonderful worlds . . . of my latest purchases.

Do I have a favourite genre ??? Well YES I do actually. And no it’s not romantic novels, not murder mysteries, nor biographies, or political conspiracies, or fancifully magical dragons and wizards . . .

No, what I really, really enjoy is . . . EROTICA !!!

I bet you’re surprised by that aren’t you ???

But I just can’t help it . . . for as long as I can remember I’ve always been excited and thrilled by that special, sexual chemistry, that drives all of us from within. (Despite the fact that very often we are so reluctant to let it out . . . to let it explode as it really, really should).

So imagine my delight . . . my tingling, buzzing, vibrating delight . . . when I first discovered the indescribably EROTIC words of Kay Jaybee in her “The Perfect Submissive” all those years ago. A delight that I just had to share back then >here< and >here< when she published follow-on books in that series.

I was thrilled, throbbed . . . exhausted and left desperately wanting more. And thankfully, Kay Jaybee had many more. The Voyeur, The Collector, Take Control, Not Her Type, The Retreat, The New Room . . . and more !!!

And then . . . through Kay’s own recommendations . . . I discovered the imaginatively sexciting world of K.D. Grace whose kinky tale of an all-night shoe shop had me longing for my high-heel boots . . . even though I was prone on a beach mat as I was reading it !!!

And then that sexy Celtic Angel that is Tabitha Rayne, whose sweet lilting tones and beautifully soft and welcoming smile belies an amazingly naughtily filthy imagination that weaves erotic tales from the most unlikely of beginnings.

So . . . not three books I could not do without, but rather three amazing authors who I could just not holiday without.

If you know of them already you will know exactly what I mean. But if you do not, then I recommend you start reading them from the links above right now!!!

Modestly holding The Voyeur Book Cover

The above is a re-posting of myModesty Recommends #BookMatterspost from March 2020 at the wonderful May More’s #BookMatters meme. But as this week’s theme at Wicked Wednesday is “Favourite Books” I thought it was worth posting once again.

And when you tap the rainbow below you are sure to find lots and lots more exciting recommendations to investigate. I know I certainly shall be … to help with my selections for sitting on my beach again this summer!!!


Xxx- K

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