Personally, I like dominating a “manly man”

It seems as if many husbands in Wife-Led Marriages have a desire to be feminized in their submissiveness, and many wives enjoy doing so. That works in many marriages, and that’s fine. While we do a little of that in our marriage, we mostly avoid it. I want my submissive husband to be as manly as possible; it excites me to have power over a “manly man,” rather than over a feminized one.

My husband is much taller than me and much stronger. And yet I can snap my fingers and make him do my bidding. That’s sexy!

I like my husband to dress as a man, for instance. He does not wear panties or other women’s clothes. I do take off my panties and put them in his mouth as a gag when he is making noise while being punished, but I don’t see that as feminizing behavior. I’m gagging him with my scent, which turns us both on.

He does clean the house at night with just an apron on – but it’s a man’s apron and I quite enjoy seeing it “tent” in the front because of the erection he has while doing my bidding. And watching the cute bare ass that I have reddened.

I do lock up my man’s cock while he is not in my presence, but to me that is just me exerting my power over him because I know he is so filled with testosterone that he can’t help but masturbate when given the opportunity! In other words, he is being manly to a fault!

I like my husband to have stubble on his face; I think it’s sexy. I like when he growls at me in bed and acts dominate during intercourse (when I allow it). I don’t peg him, either, as that definitely puts him in a feminized role. To me it’s more exciting to unlock him and drive him absolutely crazy by playing with his big cock without letting him come. He’s a man with a huge erection that is totally under my control! He begs me to come and promises all sorts of things … and I usually say NO! Oh, the power!


I like the idea of a husband who is wrapped around my little finger, but I am not making him into an imitation of a female. To me, vanilla wives aren’t expected to act the way I make him act – totally submissive and obedient. A wife would have to be a true submissive to act that way. I don’t see it as a female role; it’s a submissive role.


I like that he is my manly husband who succumbs to my amazing female power!


Personally, I like dominating a “manly man” (Guest Post by Trina)

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