Ruby Ryder shares black and white photo of woman pegging man in bed legs in air

Listen to Pegging Paradise Podcast #295

Podcast #295 is my offering to Soft Cock Appreciation Week, the brainchild of Michelle Renee at For too long, there has been far too much emphasis on erections, how to get them, what to do if you don’t have one, and pretty much everything that surrounds the constant quest for an erection. Let’s celebrate soft cocks in all their glory! It’s not hard, head over to the website and check out all the offerings from so many different sex educators and sexuality professionals. Officially begins November 13th and lasts through November 19th, which is when there will be a variety of events, and there are already resources and offerings to explore; a wealth of information!

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I urge you to join me in celebrating soft cocks, slow sex, non-PIV sex, unhurried explorations of each other’s bodies, and our own bodies! There are so many ways to have sex that don’t require or involve a hard cock, a wet vagina, and a goal driven activity. Be good to yourselves!

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Podcast #295 It’s Not Hard!

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