Pour Me A Glass of Wine Newsletter September 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to my Pour Me A Glass Members Newsletter for … mid … September!!!

I do want to begin … of course … with a huge, and heartfelt, apology for the pause in my Modesty Modcasts over the past 2 months.

I had hoped to actually broadcast a series of Members updates during our month-long summer holiday … but a technical-equipment-failure prevented that.

Then, upon our return back to the UK, immediate “life-changing” events, took rather longer to complete than anticipated, which has consumed all of my free-time … and most of my energy.

And the bad news is that those changes are still on-going and have not been completely resolved as yet. But, the good news is that there are lots, and lots, of photos and videos for Hubby to sort through and edit … and for me to approve or reject. So there is lots to look forward to over the coming months !!!!

But … in the meantime … and as a special thank you to all of you Pour Me A Glass Members who have messaged, and expressed your concern, at my “quietness” and lack of postings, I will gift three videos of your choice from my collection at Clips4Sale or AdultWorks.

Just send me your three choices … via your Pour Me A Glass Members email, or from my Telegram Channel … and I will upload you the specific links as soon as I can.

I will also be uploading some new photos and a “first-view” video to my Members page here shortly … so look out for that … the log-in will remain unchanged from July’s password, and there are still links to over 12 months of Members videos (such as the one below) to re-watch and enjoy.

Collapsing Climax Cover

So I hope you will all enjoy catching-up with my Members Library … and do send me any requests of your own as well, because … as I always say … the choice of what videos and photos I post on my Members Pages is completely up to you. Just send in your own requests and I will do my best to fulfill them. 

Boobday Friday

Despite my lack of overall postings, I have managed to keep-up with my Boobday Fridays each week … as I know they are always popular … AND … it has been wonderful fun to have had more guest postings from my gorgeous SheLover … and the equally lovely Lady M … to share with you..
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Grecian Stairs Revisited

And I also managed to post several times at Sinful Sunday … my own personal favourite of which was my annual return to “stepping out” on my special Grecian Stairs.

>>> Read more >>>

So thank you all once again, for continuing to support me here at my Pour Me A Glass pages … especially over the past two months of inactivity … I do hope to return with more regular updates again soon.

In the meantime I hope you will all enjoy catching-up with my Members Videos, and Photo Gallery … and let me know your own suggestions, for new clips or photos you would like to see in the future from the comments box at the foot of THIS post, or by emailing directly if you prefer.

If you are already a “Pour Me A Glass” Member, just log-in with your
most recent Password . . . >here< . . . or, if you are not a member, there is more information on how to subscribe from the link at the foot of each of my posts, or from >here<.

Bye for now !!!

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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Pour Me A Glass Members Newsletter – September 2022 #PMAGW

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