Velvet 6 bw 634x1024 1Hello all.  As some of you know, I left Atlanta at the end of the year and headed off on a grand adventure.  At present I am in Brasov, Romania and plan to use this as a base to explore some of the more adventurous and mysterious parts of Europe.

A lot of you have had questions:  Am I retiring?  Will I stay here permanently?  Will I offer sessions in Europe?  Will I ever go back to Atlanta?

First, no I am not retiring.  My focus is just shifting so I can do some exploring.  For many years I travelled extensively and just simply burned out on it.  I am not sure what happened over the last couple of years; the lockdowns, watching too many travel videos, being told I can’t travel due to the virus?  Whatever the reason, the travel bug struck again, so off I went.

It’s doubtful I will stay here – or anywhere – permanently.  I can tell you that I like Romania (and the Romanian people) and have been having a wonderful time, but the world is a big place.  Who knows what the future will bring.

As far as sessions are concerned, I am more interested in attending events on this side of the pond than traveling to do individual sessions, but I would be open to combining the two.  Currently I am looking at attending events in the UK, Greece, Portugal and Romania.

Will I go back to Atlanta?  Of course, that’s My FemDom home and where most of My best boys live.  I am currently making plans to return very soon for a visit, so stay tuned for that.  Sessions will be available at Atlanta Dungeon, of course.

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A European Adventure

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