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Photo taken just before I left for my “Wicked Wednesday” evening in 2002

For all of you who have asked for another Audio Reading from my London Hotwife Diaries this is an extract from “A Wicked Wednesday with D” from Modesty Unmasked … which I recorded on my Balcony during my Summer Holidays last year.

Once again there is rather a lot of background noise from the local cicadas which I hope you won’t find too much of a distraction!!!


D had been calling almost every morning since our last evening together saying he was desperate to see me again, and S had also been suggesting dates as we hadn’t seen each other for several weeks . . . but I’d been unavailable and telling them both that “nice things happen to those who wait!”

But S called unexpectedly on Monday evening, (unexpectedly because he normally only calls in the morning when he knows I’m on the bus into work), to say he had a spare ticket for the football on Wednesday evening if J was interested in going. He has a close friend who occasionally gives him tickets if he’s not going himself. He and J have been to numerous matches together over the years, even before I started my “relationship” with S, from when he and J used to help out with the sports and fund-raising events at our kids school. (Makes me feel old now, remembering how long we have all known each other and now both our children from the same year are away at university).

Anyway, I handed my phone to J and they chatted for a couple of minutes and J said he’d love to go. He handed me back the phone grinning like a cheshire cat and saying “He’s rung-off, so obviously didn’t want to speak to you”. I laughed and we joked about how strange and “different” it still feels to know they can talk, and occasionally see each other, when they both know each other knows about our “thing together” as J calls it. As I continued preparing our dinner, and J was setting the table, I joked “oh well, if you two boys are going to the football I’ll just have to see if my other man is free to entertain me instead!”

I’d really only been joking and teasing J . . . and I didn’t even mention anything when D called me on my way into work on Tuesday morning. After I’d finished talking to him though, and several times during the day, I did have little tingles thinking about it. D hadn’t actually asked if I was free to see him during the week anyway . . . even though it’s normally how he ends every conversation!

That evening J told me that he and S had arranged to meet at the pub near the station as they would be travelling in on the tube together and then asked “what are you going to be doing?” I replied “I haven’t got any plans, I suppose I’ll just be ‘billy-no-mates’ in front of the telly with just a glass of wine, or two, for company.” He teased that he thought I would have been straight on to the phone to D . . . and our teasing continued . . . and continued and continued . . . from tickling cuddles on the sofa, to more passionate cuddles . . . all the way upstairs!

The next morning I called D first. The delight in his voice at me calling him for a change was obvious . . . and when I told him I was free that evening if he felt like inviting me round, his reply of “of course” was almost a gasp down the phone! I told him he could pick me up from round the corner from home and that I’d phone him to give him 20 minutes warning so that he wouldn’t have to be parked conspicuously for too long.

Just when I wanted to get away from the office early, my day turned into constant delays and prolonged meetings so it wasn’t until I was on the bus coming home that I had time to unwind and start thinking about getting myself ready. Something about his “niceness” often brings out the naughtiness in me and those thoughts were making me tingle as I sat squashed into my seat trying to ignore the muted sounds from the headphones of the woman sat next to me. I was glancing at my watch and cursing because I wanted enough time to do my nails . . . and I was thinking, and “squeezing” a little as I thought about what I would wear.

Those thoughts continued . . . and made me giggle to myself . . . as I hurried down the road, conscious I was almost skipping over the paving stones every time I came to a cracked or uneven one!

I showered as quickly (though thoroughly) as I could, and then sat painting my toes and fingers that I’d quickly polished-off with remover whilst the water was running. I’d decided that I’d wear my satin basque and stockings and … as I’d ‘tingled and squeezed’ myself on the bus thinking about it … just my grey overcoat and scarf. I called him as I sat waiting for the polish to dry.

Thankfully it was dark as I made my way out the of front door and along to the corner … my coat hid-all of course … but I would still have been a bit nervous (or self-conscious) if I was to bump into one of our neighbours! And I suddenly realised just how chilly it had become over the past few days.

He’d already texted to say he was parked-up in the next road. I hopped-in and accepted his welcoming kiss and “you look nice” compliment. I was giggling as I kissed him back. He asked “what was so funny” and then after I’d replied “nothing, just happy to see you”, he asked if I’d like to go for a meal. “No . . . perhaps an omelette later” I was happy to giggle my reply more openly now.

I calmed-down as we drove and he chatted about his day and asked about mine. As we pulled into his driveway, I sat and waited whilst he got out and walked round to open my door. I squeezed his hand as he offered it to help me out of the car, and I rather deliberately kissed him quite passionately before allowing him to turn and lock-up. He was his normal self, slightly hesitant and reserved as he let me in and then closed the door behind us. I didn’t give him time to collect his thoughts about what he should do, or suggest, next though.

Even though we were in his own home, I wanted to be in charge!!!


If you’d like to find out just how our “Wicked Wednesday” continued, you can download Ebook or PDF copies from my Amazon, Gumroad, or Etsy pages from the Links at my Ebooks page >here<.

And do let me know if you would like me to continue adding more Audio Readings for the future!

Xxx – K

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“A Wicked Wednesday with D” – Reading from my Audio Soundcloud

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