Earlier this week, I allowed Thomas to pleasure me. In the midst of the pleasure he ended up on top of me and we had sex that way. This is not normal for us. He is not allowed on top during sex. He is not even allowed to thrust unless I tell him to, which is not often. Usually I use him like a sex toy for my pleasure. Having these rules is one of the many ways that I exert my control over him and enforce his submissive status in the relationship. He broke the rule by even trying to do it, but I allowed it. I was just in the mood for it. Perhaps he sensed that I wanted it and took his chances. Once he was inside of me, he knew I was allowing him a very special privilege. I think it excited him more, which made it more torturous for him because he was not allowed to cum. So there he was – on top and thrusting, something he’s not used to doing anymore. If felt great and I had an incredible orgasm. He managed to do it all without having an orgasm but I know he did not want to stop and I know he wanted to orgasm bad. Instead I sent him to kneel in the corner for a few minutes to calm down. It is exciting to have that control over him and I know he loved being denied. As much as he wanted to orgasm, he got a greater thrill from being denied. I love it!

Exceptions to the rule are fine from time-to-time. Your WLM/FLR is not written in stone and so it is ok for the leader to bend the rules every now and then or change the rules. Notice that I said leaders. It’s not ok for your subbies to bend rules – you get punished for bending the rules. Sorry, that’s just how it works :). 

I had a feeling that I had wrote about this before and so I searched my blog and sure enough, I posted about this in Dec 2015.  I guess Thomas gets an exception to be on top every 5 years.

-Mz Kaylee

Another Exception Allowed

The Ultimate Male Chastity Key Holding Experience

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