Ayn collars 1024x1024 1Collaring a submissive is something I have always been resistant to, for several reasons.  I am a believer in long term relationships and I take commitment very seriously.  The act of collaring, to Me, is not a whim.  On the contrary it is much like a marriage.  I become responsible for the sub and everything the sub does is now a reflection on Me.  That’s heavy stuff.

The pandemic has been difficult in many ways but it has made Me reevaluate the things that are important to Me.  When times are difficult you learn who you can really depend on  and it became clear to Me that I have some spectacular subs.  Among those a few really stand out because of their long time exclusive devotion, the things they do to go the extra mile, their dependability, special skills or a combination of all of the above.  But mainly I realized there were a few subs that I knew I could really depend on.  If I were stranded in another state or hurt on the side of the road, they would move heaven and earth to rescue Me.  They would be family.

Because of this I decided to collar 3 additional subs this year and all three are now members of My kinky family.  Prior to this I had only the one collared sub, aka slave jaime, Ayn’s slaveboy.  It was a touchy subject to inform slaveboy he now had “brothers” but he accepted the news well.  I have encouraged My collared subs to get to know each other and I think that has only strengthened their bond.

The subs:

joe – My joe has served Me over a decade.  He has been the rock I needed during the rehabbing of two Dungeons.  He is the guy you call when a crisis occurs and he is always there ready to help.   In reality I should have collared joe years ago, so although he is not My first collared sub, I do consider him the alpha sub.

Ayn’s pet aka paddles – My pet has also served Me for at least a decade.  He has been loyal and fun but more recently he has become even more.  He is the one that volunteers sweat labor when he sees something needing done.  He has made Dungeon furniture, cleaned carpets, done yard work, filmed, you name it.   He has never refused a thing I asked.

Ayn’s toy – My toy was an easy decision but for different reasons.  During the pandemic he offered his support in important ways.  I could tell anytime he was able to help, he felt fulfilled by it in a way beyond how a typical person might feel.   It’s as if service completes him and I don’t know if I have ever met a soul quite like him.  He wormed his way into My heart in a comparatively short period of time, but I think he is here to stay.

These men have made a vow to serve and honor Me and I made a vow to protect and support them and be worthy of their service.  I hope we continue to make each other proud.  Yes, that is some heavy stuff.

Collaring slaves

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