Used on a husband graduating to level 4 in a female led relationship.

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Start with his level 4 affirmations first here.

After he has received 10 strikes to his bottom for those affirmations, you read these ones and strike him each time after you recite yours.  This will be for a total of 20 strikes to start each day with.  Remember to demand for him to thank you for each strike after you strike his bottom in all levels of affirmations you are reciting.

  1. Obedience is your life.
  2. Obedience to you equals naked, ass plugged, and chastised.
  3. Obedience is being anal trained with ever increasing strap on sizes.
  4. Your commitment to obedience has evolved to permanent chastity, and oral service.
  5. You feel more obedient when your body is completely shaved from head to toe.
  6. Your obedience means always eating your own cum no matter where it is.
  7. You are an obedient strap on cock sucker.
  8. Your obedience is at its best dressed as a french maid, and cleaning the house.
  9. You have learned to cum through obedience.
  10. You now live to increase your obedience.