Modest Containers 1 Scavenger Hunt

“There must be someone about” I said nervously. “You can’t tell me they’d leave the gate open and just leave!”

Modest Containers 2 Scavenger Hunt

“And look, they’ve been freshly painted to cover this graffiti. So the workmen must be around somewhere”.

Modest Containers 3 Scavenger Hunt

“Well even if they have gone off for a tea break, surely they’d have locked the gate? I mean anyone could just walk in!”

Modest Containers 4 Scavenger Hunt

“Yes, like us! That’s my point exactly. Hurry up and take the picture before they come back!”

Modest Containers 5 Scavenger Hunt

“No I suppose someone couldn’t easily just rush in and steal them. But they do look almost brand-new!”

Modest Containers 6 Scavenger Hunt

“And yes I know I do have a thing for large … equipment … but no, I’m not going to lift the handles! Definitely not!!!

To find out how everyone else has been spending their Saturday afternoon, just twist the Sinful Sunday lips below!

Sinful Sunday

And as we managed to leave the industrial park without being searched or questioned, I’m hoping to use these photos for my Naughty Scavenger Hunt pages.


Xxx – K

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