Modestly Unbra'd Boobday #236

I don’t often wear one, but when I do … oh the relief, and release, at the end of the day when I can finally unclip myself and take it off.

And then it’s just a question of waiting for those unsightly marks to fade … so that I can feel my, normal, unrestrained self again!

BoobDay is about celebration and support. ‘Boob’ is a term that is intended to be gender neutral and it includes the chests and breasts of all sorts of folks. BoobDay is not limited to cisgender women.
Basically, if you want to celebrate the beauty of boobs and join in with like-minded, body-positive, people who are embracing their curves or lack thereof, this is the link-up for you!

Thank you for all your messages about my BoobDay postings. Do let me know if you would like to join-in and add some BoobDay celebrations of your own, and I would be perfectly happy to link to your own posts directly from my pages here!!!

And . . . if you would like to see more of my, over 230 BoobDays now, you may
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Xxx – K

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Xxx – K

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Modestly Unbra’d #BoobDay 236

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