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Hello everyone … and welcome to my first Pour Me A Glass of Wine Modcast and Newsletter of 2022.

Yes, it’s January … the first month of a New Year … let’s hope it is a much healthier and fun year … for everyone all around the world.

Now, I have some fun plans and changes for my Members Pages, and content here, for the coming months ahead … but I especially wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all, for all of your continued support over the past few years of my Pour Me A Glass Members postings and Newsletters.

It really does add to my fun to receive all of your messages and emails and, of course, all of your custom requests and suggestions for what you’d like to see on my Members Pages. Because as I mentioned last month, my private pages here, allow me to share much more “candid” moments than I can possibly share at any of my other Fans or Clips sites.

So … last month’s Photo Gallery featured some very “candid” photos … specially requested by Paul … of some of my “water” fun content. And I very quickly received lots of requests for the video that those photos came from. So my first Members video of 2022 will be just that … a fun and “very wet” … “Holiday 2021 Pee-ing Compilation” … and yes there is a Part Two. So should I receive enough requests I will add that second video shortly too.

This month’s Photo-Gallery, on the other hand, is a return to my FemDom Mistressing Dungeon Chambers for some screen-shots of the very impressive “Prince Albert” piercings of one of my favourite Submissives of 2021. Take a look … and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean by “impressive”.

So I hope you will all enjoy these first updates for the month … and do send me some requests of your own as well … because … as I always say … the choice of what videos and photos I post on my Members Pages is completely up to you. Just send in your own requests and I will do my best to fulfill them. And also … don’t forget that I choose the most fun, or imaginative, comment or request each month and send that contributor a FREE month-long membership link to one of my other, “daily” Fans web-sites

Boobday The Lake Dec 2021

So … looking back over my blog-postings from the last month of 2021 … I was especially thrilled to welcome a new Guest at my Boobday Fridays posts … AND … from all of the messages I received after both of her two posts, I know that lots of you were “thrilled” to see her too.
The lady I’m talking about is the lovely Lady M from “Malimi” a fun Canadian couple whom I discovered from lots of their Make Love Not Porn submissions. And I really do recommend you check out their huge number of videos there, to see for yourself. >>> Read more >>>

Foot Fetish at Make Love Not Porn

And … speaking of Make Love Not Porn … I submitted my 94th video to my pages there during December … and it was a bit of a “milestone” for me as it was my first real “fetish” video there.
I know lots of you will know that I have posted several of my Mistressing Strap-On videos there in the past … butHoliday Special Foot Massagewas my first “foot-fetish” video … and I’m going to be very interested to see if it is enjoyed as much on Make Love Not Porn, as my other 93 videos. If it is, then I may post lots more of my more “fetish-themed” videos in the future.
But do give me your views as well … as I really do enjoy hearing about other peoples fetish fun too. >>> Read more >>>

Mistress Modesty Tisbury Chair Jan 2022

Now … I do have to mention that the last Wicked Wednesday of 2021 was also a “milestone” because it was Marie’s 500th edition of her wonderful meme … and I’m sure you’ll agree that 500 posts is a truly remarkable achievement. That’s over NINE years of continuous weekly posts. And as I’ve mentioned numerous times in the past … discovering Marie’s wonderful “Rebels Notes” website was one of the prime motivators in me starting my own blogging journey here at the end of 2011.
So myModest Milestones post last week celebrated some of my contributions to Wicked Wednesday over the years … and I’m hoping to add many more in the months and years to come. >>> Read more >>>

Modest Christmas Kisses Dec 2022

MyModest Christmas Kisses post at the end of December gave me the opportunity to celebrate one of my other long-standing favourite memes … Molly’s “Sinful Sunday” … which I always try to post to every Sunday of the year.
And my Christmas posting, also allowed me to remember a fun Christmas from 1985 … with one of myPolaroids Pastphotos from way back when. >>> Read more >>>

So thank you all once again, for continuing to support me here at my Pour Me A Glass pages … I do hope you will all enjoy this month’s Members Videos, and Photo Gallery … and let me know your own suggestions, for new clips or photos you would like to see in the future from the comments box at the foot of THIS post, or by emailing directly if you prefer.

If you are already a “Pour Me A Glass” Member, just log-in with your
New Password . . . >here< . . . or, if you are not a member, there is more information on how to subscribe from the link at the foot of each of my posts, or from >here<.

Bye for now !!!

P.s. – For over two years now, I have been reading this newsletter out aloud and I keep being asked to carry on reading . . . so, if you wish, you can listen to this month’s “Modcast” from the screen below . . .

Xxx – K

Pour Modesty Ablaze A Glass of Wine

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Pour Me A Glass Members Newsletter – January 2022 #PMAGW

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