Pour Me A Glass Newsletter - March 2023

Hello everyone and welcome to my Pour Me A Glass Members Newsletter and Modcast for March 2023!!!

Well … it’s certainly been a very busy … and fun February … some of the highlights of which, I will be sharing with you here at my Members page in the coming weeks!

But my first video for March was actually filmed during my summer holidays last year …

Now, whenever I let slip on my postings here, or on one of my Fans sites, that I will shortly be taking off for my Summer Vacation, I immediately receive lots of requests for another of my “Summer Wee-ing” compilations. Just short moments when I’ve been on the beach, or during one of our excursions around the island, when I’ve been caught short and found myself in desperate, desperate need of a pee.

I have actually already uploaded Part One of this video to one of my Clips sites, but the version on my Members page here, includes an exclusive and particularly candid … and rather naughty … moment that I wouldn’t want to share elsewhere.

And that’s true with lots of the videos on my Members postings … they will either be first-view exclusives of clips yet to be uploaded anywhere else, or will feature specific moments of fun that will never, ever be included on any of my other Clips sites.

Plus, of course, there are links to over 18 months of Members videos and photos to re-watch and enjoy … all completely FREE of just the REAL ME having fun … with all the lumps and bumps of the “mature” lady that I am.

So I hope you will all enjoy this month’s Members videos and photos … and do send me some requests of your own as well, because … as I always say … the choice of what videos and photos I post on my Members Pages is completely up to you. Just send in your own requests and I will do my best to fulfill them.

So looking back on my own favourite posts here over the past month …

Shower Duo Boobday 301

Shower Duo Boobday #301is from one of those fun moments in February that I opened this Newsletter with.
It featured my lovely friend SheLover squeezing into my new shower with me … and I can tell you that there will be more “shower” moments to follow later in the week.
>>> Read more >>>

Sinfully Soapy

MySinfully Soapyposting earlier in the month, also brought back lovely memories of an amazing time with Lover No. 50 from a few years ago.
The full video of which is one of my most-viewed films on my Make Love Not Porn profile.

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SheLover Valentines 299

SheLover Valentines #Boobday 299 is a simply beautiful photo from SheLover.

Completely solo this time, lying on a bed of pink petals … and it seemed wonderfully appropriate for a Valentines Day posting.

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A Modest Foundation 1

A Modest Foundation … my Sinful Sunday posting from two weeks ago, is another post that brought back fun memories from one of my Mistressing sessions from last year. It was from my first “feminizing” attempt at my chambers. But lots of fun … and we were actually both very satisfied with the end result. >>> Read more >>>

A Modest Favourite Glass Dildo

And, talking of being satisfied … myA Modest FavouriteBoobday Friday posting at the beginning of the month, features my favourite go-to Toy whenever I’m in the mood for some special “Me-Time” indulgence.

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So I hope you will enjoy these and all the other content here from my Members page … and don’t forget to message and send your own suggestions, for new clips or photos that you would like to see in the future from the comments box at the foot of this post, or by emailing directly if you prefer.

If you are already a “Pour Me A Glass” Member, you will receive your new log-in password at the same time as this post is published, and log-in from >here< . . . or, if you are not yet a member, there is more information on how to subscribe from the link at the foot of each of my posts, or from >here<.

Bye for now !!!

Xxx – K

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Pour Me A Glass Members Newsletter – March 2023 #PMAGW

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