The Pleasure of Male Submission: Exploring Face Sitting

When it comes to kinkier play, a good submissive male should always be ready for a long face sitting session. Face sitting is a form of dominance and submission play that is both physically and emotionally stimulating. It involves one partner taking a dominant role and the other partner taking a submissive role. The dominant partner sits on the face of the submissive partner, sometimes with their full body weight. This is an incredibly intimate and powerful experience that can be extremely erotic. Face sitting can be both pleasurable and intimidating for the submissive partner. It is important to remember that the submissive should always give consent before engaging in any type of BDSM play. This includes face sitting. A good submissive male [...]

Humiliating Your Male Sub: 29 Tips to Make It Fun and Exciting

Humiliation and dominance can be a major part of a female-dominant relationship, as these acts can help to foster an intense connection between the two partners. When done with the submissive's consent and with their best interests in mind, humiliation and dominance can be incredibly beneficial. When done correctly, humiliation and dominance can create a powerful bond between two partners. It can help to create a strong trust between the two, as the dominant partner is in control and the submissive partner is trusting the dominant to take care of them. Through humiliation, the dominant can help to build the submissive's confidence, as it can help to build a sense of security and acceptance. Humiliation can also allow for an emotional release for [...]

Queening – Get used to it.

Look honey, this is the desk chair I mentioned I want to get for you….

Married Men Femdom Training – Step 1

There are many things you can do to participate in a femdom marriage, but there is only 1 requirement.  COMPLETE submission. Whether your partner knows about your "submissive fantasies" or not, you can start towards this relationship by becoming completely compliant, and obedient to your spouse. So for this post, I  am going to separate your actions into 2 different scenarios. If you are married and your partner does not know about your submissive fantasies Here is a list of things you can do to start progressing towards your flr.  Don't worry about the sex part yet.  You must first do these things and they must be because you love her and not because you want something out of it.  We are going to [...]