Mistress R allowed me to cum tonight, right on the last day of our ninth year of full-time chastity. Once again I have made the appropriate charts to analyse the data…
1 5
So interestingly, this is the first year that the number of both my real and ruined orgasms have declined, giving me the lowest combined total ever at just 17.
This graph always gives me pause for thought, since it always brings it home to me just how few proper orgasms I’ve had in the last twelve months, and how I’ve only got to come on Mistress’s beautiful feet / pussy / breasts once in all that time….
3 4
Never good to see Mistress R’s orgasm count go down, but we’ve lost at least 4 or 5 this month through me being in hospital so if we adjust for that we weren’t far off last year.
2 4
With both of my orgasms rates dropping this was bound to go up, and we’re now way beyond that initial 10:1 ratio target I always hoped for… now it’s 18.5:1. Wow!
5 4
I really love using Mistress’s glass dildo on her while I lick her to orgasm, and Mistress has certainly taken to it too over the last two years…
4 5
Still lagging behind where it should be, but at least it’s not dipping and six sessions means we managed one every other month, which isn’t too bad I suppose.
Well I guess tomorrow is the first day of our tenth year of full time chastity, and no sign of it stopping yet!

The End of Our 9th Year of Full Time Chastity