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When Mistress Ayn declares indefinite chastity – by slave boy

After achieving my “two years in chastity” anniversary, i thought it prudent to reflect upon my experience as Mistress Ayn took charge of my orgasms.  She decided if i could orgasm, when i should orgasm, and how i should orgasm.  She also made it clear that i should be in chastity indefinite, so the pattern described next seems to be my life now, as Mistress Ayn’s chaste slaveboy.

During my days of pre-chastity, i would masturbate to a powerful orgasm 3 times a week, that is 156 times in a year. But now ….

In 2019, i was allowed: 8 “real” orgasms, 8 “ruined” orgasms, and one “forced” orgasm, a total of 17 “releases.”

In 2020, i was allowed: 6 “real orgasms, 6 “ruined orgasms, and 4 “forced” orgasms, a total of 16 “releases.”

In 2020, my “releases” were:

Jan 20 = 3 “forced” (rapid) orgasms

Jan 31 = “ruined” orgasm

Mar 15 = “real” orgasm

Apr 8 = “real” orgasm

Apr 30 = “real” orgasm

May 18 = “real” orgasm

Jun 22 = “ruined” orgasm

Jul 22 = “ruined” orgasm

Sep 3 = “ruined” orgasm

Sep 21 = “forced” orgasm with vibrator

Oct 22 = “ruined” orgasm

Oct 29 – “real orgasm” with clothespins attached to Her balls and the Edge in my ass

Nov 12 = “forced” orgasm with vibrator

Dec 26 – “real orgasm”

Dec 29 – “ruined” orgasm

Dec 31 – “real orgasm”

i definitely see a pattern here – about the same number of orgasms each year while in indefinite chastity (an average of 1.3 per month or 0.3 per week) and less than half of the permitted or ordered orgasms are “real” or pleasurable orgasms.

No complaint, no opinion, simply reporting and committing to my complete devotion and obedience to You, Mistress Ayn, as Your chaste slaveboy.

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