FDM 7 4 768x1024 1The Emergence of a Sissy Slut – by slaveboy jaime

i have long believed in the Supremacy of Women, so becoming a submissive to Mistress Ayn was not a surprise to me, however the depth of that commitment does pleasantly shock me.  i do not know how deep inside of me was the desire to also become a sissy slut, but Mistress Ayn located that and is exploiting it to my amazement and Her (and my) enjoyment.

It is one thing to have Mistress Ayn spend what seems like hours up close and personal with me.  i treasure those times when She carefully and precisely applies makeup and transforms me into the sissy She desires.  Then a variety of Mistresses and Goddesses enjoy the task of selecting what i am to wear – sometimes silly and other times quite elegant (as my “bride’s outfit” for the collaring ceremony at the FemDom Mansion) – in order to serve Them at dinner or be the perfect hostess at a cocktail party or perform as a Burlesque dancer.

Yet, recently, there has been a major transformation in my “sissyhood.”  i am now purchasing a new sissy wardrobe for myself to wear privately around my house or upon command for Zoom sessions with Mistress Ayn – not only on display at the FemDom Mansion.  With guidance from Mistress Ayn, i search websites for that perfectly sissified pair of stockings, or garter belt, or corset, or bedtime wear, or French maid’s outfit.

When i wear these clothes i feel my “sissy-self” emerging.  i feel more in touch with “my feminine side,” a cliché but true.  i feel complete in having this part of my personality emerge.  i feel sexy, yet submissive.  And, the corsets, it is like someone is hugging me with the soft texture of the material but the firmly embracing me through the tightly laced ribbons securely tied.

This is all still quite new for me but i am treasuring what i am now experiencing.  It is good to find a new and comfortable side of my personality and even more exhilarating that it seems to please my Mistress.

i often wondered if She dressed me up – once as Mistress Ayn’s Mini-Me for a Halloween party at the FemDom Mansion – because She liked it, which is sufficient for me.  But, now i am thinking that Mistress Ayn saw this part of me way-down, deep inside my psyche and has helped bring it out so i can enjoy it because She cares for me so very much as Her chaste and owned slaveboy.

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