Khorina is a male reader of the blog and had contributed the thoughts below on male conditioning. I find this to be an interesting and fun topic. The techniques he describes below work and are great tools for a wife or girlfriend to have in her “dominant” toolbox. An example in my own marriage, is that early on in our WLM, I conditioned my husband to be aroused and excited from massaging my feet. Now whenever I demand a foot massage, he is very excited to do it and gets an erection before he even starts. He is always to be naked or in just panties when he massages me so there is no hiding his arousal.  I also experimented a bit with stirring his arousal through perfume scent. It was working for me but I am not big on wearing perfume so I never stuck with it.   – Mz Kaylee

Thoughts on Conditioning by Khorina: 

I think any men, not only submissive, can be conditioned by women. In a totally vanilla environment, I once heard ‘traditional’ women talking about how they made their husbands behave in nicer ways by showing or withholding enthusiasm to their behaviors: a wife said she stopped her husband from being rough by showing she was bored while he was rough; another wife replying she would be ‘excited’ when the husband came back early.

Unknowingly, my Queen conditioned me to Her armpits. It started cause we started making love in a winter and there was a relation for me seeing Her armpits and making love. i always related smooth armpits with females, but i didn’t see it as a fetish, just as something feminine. As I shared this with Her, She started purposely showing off Her armpits while making love, seducing me. Although i liked Her scent, it was really about the visual. Summer arrived and i pointed out how beautiful She was with blouses/dresses that showed Her armpits. She would playfully fix Her hair and I’d get crazy. She also started using it to relax me as I was going through job stress. Through repetition, it just naturally became established as something positive. At some point, it became a reward for good behavior. Finally She just realized it’s something She could use to make me submissive to Her needs, and has been using it like that. She was never big about sex so we started moving towards my chastity for some time, but when at the end of last year we had a circumstance that gave us a reason to go for total abstinence, She said She’d help me by giving me ‘rewards’. Nine months into it and i’m more and more submissive and She knows i’d look to keep Her happy every day to be able to kiss Her shoulder or see Her armpit. Crazy how the thing that She used to condition me (armpits, or panties in your post) has now become MUCH more important and increased my submission than what was supposed to be goal (making love). 

Guest Post: Male Conditioning by Khorina

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