There is nothing to those so connected and committed … so precious and

pure … as the most reverent and sacred kiss of a foot. It embodies all that is

essential and right, not only of egoless worship, but also unabashed adoration.

Bent forward and down, lips softly caress the bare and flawless top, just before

exquisite toes. They linger there as long as allowed, savoring the sublime scent

and taste, before a subtle bob silently commands them onward. They slowly

traverse the length and breath, inspiring above ever increasing tingles of power

and sovereignty … along the side, around the heel, to the arch and then the sole,

finally coming once again, now to the bottoms of those most divine toes. With

great beneficence, permission is granted to fully lave and even suckle each of the

five, taking abundant time and care to gently draw them individually within, for

the ardent adulation their majesty so unreservedly deserves.

The all encompassing thrill is incandescent.

There are so many other directed orgasmic delights that are always

thoroughly enjoyed. But none can ever match the blissfully transcendent joy of

The Perfectly Kissed Foot, and all that it signifies and acknowledges …

The total acceptance and boundless love … Above, and below … of this

mutually chosen … and cherished … ineffable realm …

Of Life Defining Devotion.


Guest Post: The Perfectly Kissed Foot (by Onewhoadores)

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