Blue-black visions swim against my eyelids as I swim to consciousness, fingertips dipping beneath my waistband in somnambulent insistence, trailing fire against sensitive flesh, seeking sweet relief. I am slick. Hot. Swollen. My fevered skin aches, the barest air bruising me with its caress, my nipples prickling at the assault, begging for your mouth. I take one, tenderly tugging between thumb and forefinger, allowing the ethereal shapes in my mind to take solid form while my fingers dance inside my tight heat.

I am wet.


Hot. Ohhhhh… So hot.

Burn with me.

I swirl circles over my clit, feeling the slippery liquid dripping from deep inside, and as I ride the edge I center all my energy on the one thought that will push me over:



To (for) me.

You’re coming for me, baby.

(SOON. So soon.)

You are coming.

And I am cumming…

(NOW… Right now… R i g h t… NOW.)

…for you.

Source: The Suburban Domme