Modesty Ablaze Weather Vane

“Well, it doesn’t look like a Weather Vane to me,” I said to Hubby as we paused during our walk along the promenade. “It looks more like a Victorian Bus Stop!”

Modesty Ablaze Weather Vane 2

“The Weather Vane bit is on the top” Hubby replied. “It’s actually a Weather Kiosk and has been here since the 1930’s.”
“It’s staffed by weather volunteers” he went on. “And they record the wind, temperature and tides every day”.

Modesty Ablaze Weather Vane 3

“What !!!” I exclaimed. “You mean you’ve let me stand here like this whilst there’s actually someone sat inside!!!”
“And look, there’s a bus pulling in now anyway!!!” I hissed as I quickly stepped away in case the driver thought we were getting on.

Modesty Ablaze Weather Vane 4

“I suppose we’d better look like we’re interested in all this information” I told him as the bus pulled away and I had calmed down a bit.

Thankfully, the volunteers must have left for the day as nobody came out to start explaining all the charts and numbers in person.

But for more forecasts and reports this Sinful Sunday,
dial-in from the lips below.

Sinful Sunday

I’m not sure if there is a Weather Vane, or Weather Kiosk, Scavenger Hunt location just yet, but I’m rather hoping my meteorological investigations
won’t be in vain.

Xxx – K

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Modestly Vane … #sinfulsunday

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