"You are a pro a teasing. You've gotten too good at it." Those were the words that Thomas said to me last week, the day after an intense teasing and denial session. He was right of course. I have mastered the art of  teasing and denying him orgasm. Thomas has told me that he no longer can predict when I will allow him an orgasm.  In the early years of our WLM, he never knew for certain when I would allow an orgasm but he could often predict when I would cave in and allow it (at least that is what he told me).

That was then. Now I'm sterner and have no qualms about denying him orgasm for months at a time, even if he is begging for an orgasm. I have learned that he gets excited and more aroused when I tell him 'no." I know now that one of his greatest thrills is giving me an orgasm while he is denied. For him, the mind fuck of being denied is often better then the pleasure of an orgasm. As I began to understand that dynamic, I started enjoying the power of denial.  I absolutely love using him for my orgasm and then immediately tossing him aside and giving him no more attention. I get a thrill out of it but my thrill is driven by the knowledge that he is even more excited and aroused from it.

When I am teasing his cock and he begs for orgasm, I have fun telling him no. It is exciting for me to watch the surge of arousal to his brain when he hears that word. His body tenses, his toes curl, and his breath is taken away as he holds back the orgasm that is trying to push out his cock. I delight in the knowledge that he is denying himself the pleasure, that his body wants so bad, all because of me; because of my power over him. What started out as a strange concept to me has turned into something that I truly enjoy and something that heats up my arousal.

The beauty of orgasm denial is it's lasting effects on the guy.  You see, I get an orgasm but he does not. Once I have my orgasm I am relaxed and calm.  He, on the other hand, is brimming with arousal. It takes him a long time to calm down. It is torture for him to lay next to me but not be allowed to touch me. If I am feeling a little cruel, I will wait for him to calm down and then tease him a bit more and get him going again. Such fun!  He always wakes up the next morning with an erection.  We had a teasing session last night and he told me that he woke up several times through the night, fully aroused.  When he wakes up like that, he replays the evening events in his mind and his mind races with fantasies of me dominating and controlling him even more. This arouses him more.  My teasing continues even while I sleep! I love it!

-Mz Kaylee

The Thrill of Orgasm Denial