It never fails to amaze me, every year… Valentine’s Day rolls around again and you casually ask what people are doing only to be told, “Oh, well, we’re not very romantic – so nothing really.” It’s not even that people are ‘taking a stand against a consumerist conspiracy’, they’re just not arsed… which is fine I guess, but I can’t help thinking it’s probably indicative of a deeper ambivalent attitude which is not necessarily a good thing if you want a long and rewarding relationship.

This was Mistress and I’s 28th Valentine’s Day together, and it went pretty well – we had a lovely meal at home and exchanged some gifts which included some cool vouchers for me:

This was a very welcome and unexpected surprise actually, and the highpoint of a less than stellar week. I had to go to hospital the other day for a pre-op check up, unfortunately I have to have my tonsils removed in about 4 weeks time, which is apparently not great when you are older – so I’m really not looking forward to that!
A few people have told me it’s not that bad – but then when you read about it it doesn’t sound that great; let’s assume I won’t be one of the 1:10,000 fatalites… and I don’t succumb to the anaesthetic, apparently it hurts, and then after a few days it gets worse, and then it starts to get better… well I hope it gets better quick cos I have something I want to do ten days after the operation!
At least I have a genuine excuse to eat ice cream. ;)
Needless to say, this will put a damper on our end of year activity, but Mistress and I will be making the most of the next four weeks and hopefully we can get her orgasm count over 110 for this year anyway. 
This evening Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue and her glass dildo, before she sucked and stroked me to the edge – then gave my balls a few good whacks with her hand…. it felt awesome and Mistress’s pussy tasted amazing as always. 

Valentine’s Day Vouchers!