By Mrs. Bdenied

A few weeks ago, I had gotten notice from one of my Alpha Buds he would be in town …I could not make that one.  But he doesn’t forget abut me!  Last week, I did get a few days notice he would be in town. Be there at 6AM.  Ok..where?  “Same place as last time”.    Ok.  At least it IS in a  hotel, not grab a blow job in a car…so many cameras around anymore, and we have really pushed it for years & gotten away with fucking and sucking in vehicles.   He does like to live dangerously, but we both are getting more cautious.

The hotel in question may be listed as a 4 star hotel..but not in the best area.   The meeting was confirmed, so I got up before the dawn at 3 to be at the hotel by 6AM…still dark.  Parked the car on a  deserted street so I would not have to give a name to valet.  I am living on the edge like he likes to do.

I made it up to the room. He leaves the door open…I walk into darkness. It is quiet.  “Hello? Where are you?”     “Get naked you whore”    Ok…figured out where he was and my eyes adjusted to the low light.   He was sitting spread eagle on a couch with his masculinity in full form.    I went over to a table where his belongings were…stood facing him and undressed.   “Come suck my cock”    I walked over and knelt between his legs,  took his hot cock in my hands, then put it in my mouth.  I slowly went balls deep…all the way down …my tongue flicking up & down on his shaft. Then went in & out sucking hard…he likes the head of his cock sucked, so I stayed there..cock in mouth….he was leaking by now & I said so.   He had me hold up..he did not want to shoot his load yet.

I was still kneeling , I started rubbing by breast on his stomach and chest. like a cat…..rubbing his scent all over with my  chest and face.  I leaned forward and he said, “You want to kiss me , don’t you?”  So he pulled me forward and kissed me deeply for a few seconds.

He had me turn around and sit on his cock…then stood up and bent me  over the couch he entered from behind. There was a window out to a small balcony, and he said, how about fucking out there? I said that would be hot…but he decided it was too dangerous this time. The stars were burning out.  He was fucking me and almost came, but he did not want to come yet, so into the bedroom.  He drew the curtains to make it totally dark.

The bed was an extra large king size, very comfortable.     He actually went down on me for a short time, then started to fuck me.  He did not cum yet, just a good hard pussy pounding so I would feel it the next day.   Then he laid down…he was tired.  He rolled on his side & asked to lightly scratch his back. I did, and softly petted his back.    Sometimes he wants  tenderness & shows it from time to time. Before he fell asleep, his foot came over and touched my foot, then he fell fast asleep.   Being WIDE awake, I got up & walked around a bit.  His shirt was hung over a chair and his personal belongings laid out on the table. I do not touch anything.    Then I went back and laid on the bed next to him listening to him sleep.   At one point he stirred and put his arm out and touched my hip..yup I am still there, so he fell back asleep. 

An hour later, his phone alarm went off.    Then his phone rang..uh oh. It was his wife.  I left he room and closed the door while he talked with his wife.  That never happened before. He has never called anyone nor taken any calls.  It is a good feeling  he trusts me. 

It was a short call, and he had me come back in.   He said to get on my knees so he could fuck me from behind, He did, again a good hard fuck. He shot his big load up my pussy.   We both got up to  get cleaned up. His cum was running down my leg…he liked that. Proof he shot a big load.

He said he had to go, so we both got dressed. Reminded me of a Maroon 5 song about when the Sun comes up  I will leave & we’ll be on our own. 

We dressed,  then I walked over & we had a goodbye hug. I  turned and walked out the door.  Down the elevator, out the door into now bright sunshine feeling well fucked.

When the Sun comes Up