By Mrs. Bdenied

As everyone is aware, the country has been in a lockdown mode. Since the reopening…like they were in a drought,  each of my 2 guys have made sure to come around & open me up!  I have written about the TWO visits the buddy I met second was able to finagle to get to town from his state.

Soon after his second visit, I was  texted a week in advance  from the guy I met first about a trip to my area. Unusual, giving me more than a day’s notice.  I guess he wanted to be sure to get a fucking in. He gave me the date, but did not confirm the day before., I was sure it was NOT going to take place, like maybe he forgot AGAIN?   I didn’t bother to get ready because I had not heard from him: but DING. Here comes the text, with the time & flight #.     We quibbled like a “couple” about where to park at the hotel , since this hotel has no parking other than street parking or valet parking at a premium price.   We HAVE known each other for many years, and things have gotten more “comfortable”.  It was decided I would pick him up at the airport & I had him drive over to the hotel.  Lucky guy  found street parking right in front of the hotel.   He went in first, texted me the room #, and off I went. 

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He was already undressed, lounging back in  a chair in a corner of the room, a beer in one hand.  I undressed and sashayed over asking what can his whore do for him today?  He finished the beer &  His first choice was a blow job, which I happily obliged. Then the demand was, turn around & sit on my dick…I slid his big cock in and sat squarely on his cock…then up &  down…he said, rub your clit while you do that, so I did, making noises while fucking his cock.  I guess I got loud at one point because he said, not so much noise.  I kept it up…”Cum you bitch!”    With his cock still in me, he stood me up ..BEND OVER.  I bent over & had my hands on the wood floor. His hands were on my waist and his cock was in my pussy, going in & out.  He was ready to cum, but wanted to wait.  He pulled out…had me kneel on the bed & suck his cock…I said this is kinky, me sucking your cock after it has been in me.  How do I want it? On my face? In my pussy? Up my ass?  He talks about that, but knows it won’t happen, but I let him dream.  He kind of roughly took me and laid me on the bed for his favorite scissor style…one leg straight, the other bent back..he commented how flexible I am…He pushed that big cock in… I said, yes, yes…go deep…harder! Go deep.   He did, fucking harder & harder  until he came.

He went back to the chair and lounged back. I put on a sexy pair of panties so I could catch the cum dripping out.  pulled up a desk chair & sat next to him with my feet up on the chair, legs spread apart so my pussy was splayed open for his viewing pleasure.

 “I want my whore to get me another beer”. So I went to the small fridge & got the beer & handed it to him.  He was relaxed & chatty.   He looked at his cock..” Look at that, my cock is limp.   Do you think my cock is bigger than average?”    He is all about his cock..I said, YES, having been to a nude beach, yes, you are much larger than average. He was pleased.  I put my feet up & put my feet on both sides of his cock for a minute because it was not yet getting hard.  He was drinking his beer, watching his favorite news show getting fucked by his whore. He was in man heaven.   He got talking  about how we have been fucking for 20 years (…well not quite, but close.)  He asked if I remember the first time we fucked…which was in his place of business…very dangerous actually.  He remembered fucking me a lot in there.   We talked politics for a while as he was finishing the beer & relaxing,   As he watched TV & talked, I started giving him a foot massage. He said that felt good. I hand motioned for him to switch feet, and gave his other foot a good massage. as well. 

I took off the panties, leaned forward & softly stroked his cock. It moved…and as it got harder, he stood me up  & had me bend over again…I said,,do you see that? That big cock going in & out, like your personal porn movie?    He liked that & took me off to the bathroom to watch in front of the mirror.   I leaned over, he slid his cock in me and watched as he fucked me.  Yes, watch your own porn movie!    He started to move faster & harder,  so I turned, looked him in the face and said..”Cum!  Cum NOW!  and he  let loose  inside me!

We cleaned up a bit, and it was time to go.  He said he was going to call a friend to come & pick him up, rather than me driving him to get a  car at the airport.  Weird, but I did not argue.

Like I said, we don’t talk personal things, but we have gotten rather comfortable like an old couple.  In the past, I have ironed a shirt for him (which he made sure to fuck me over the ironing board when  it was done)  We have cooked a meal at my place on one overnight visit.   Light back rubs before sleep.  But no personal talk from this one, but it is a relationship. A strange one, but after all these years, it is a relationship. I do not know when it will end, so am enjoying it while I can.

He said, did you look out the window? No. You can see your car from here. I watched you get out of your car. It is right across the street. He put on the lights & told me to look up at the window when I got in my car & he would wave.   So off I went…it was now raining like anything..I got to the car & looked up and saw a shadow figure waving both arms. I did the same back, rain falling in my face & dripping down my back….as his cum was dripping into my panties.

When it rains it pours!!!

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